Who is Lincoln Pavement Services, Inc.?

We are a full service pavement maintenance company located in Denver, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  We serve Lancaster and the surrounding counties with our various Pavement Maintenance Services.

Although we leave the paving to the pros, we would be happy to assist you with your Line Painting and Pavement Marking needs.

Other services that we offer include: Traffic Signs, Bollards, Curb StopsCrack Sealing, as well as Line Removal.

We are Penn Dot Pre-Qualified.  Fully insured.

Member of Inter-County Contractors Associations.

History of Lincoln Pavement Services, Inc.

It all started in 1997, when Brian began doing business under the name of Stauffer Seal Coating.  While he primarily seal coated driveways and parking lots, he painted lines as needed. The first few years, the crew consisted of Brian and a few seasonal laborers. To compensate for lack of work over the winter, Brian delivered oil for a local oil company.

Over the years, the company grew and a decision was made to eliminate seal coating from the services offered and focus on line painting jobs.

At the time of the transition, Brian and Wanda were living (and operating the business out of their home) in the small town of Lincoln, just west of Ephrata in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Since seal coating was no longer a service we would be providing, we needed a new name.  Brainstorming began for a new name that would reflect our services.

Lincoln Pavement Services seemed to fit.

Fast forward almost 20 years from the beginning of this business

Today, we have several crews working hard to provide you with the pavement services you need.

Our office is staffed during normal business hours: Monday-Friday 8-5.

And if you were curious if Brian still delivers oil over the winters…he might just grin and shake his head “No…”

Instead of delivering gallons of oil, he is happy to have many gallons of paint pass through our striping machines.  And those cold months when painting slows down….is time to catch his breath…